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Why the NFBA exists

We aim:

  • to protect and defend existing and potential bridleways and byways and the rights of all bridleway and byway users
  • to promote public awareness of the need for and the existence of bridleways and byways and to publicise routes
  • to advise┬álocal groups on bridleway- and byway-related issues
  • to promote the viability of┬álocal groups and to encourage the formation of new ones
  • to research the historical basis of bridleway and byway claims
  • to develop a national bridleways/byways network by coordinating cross-border routes and by promoting the creation of new regional routes (e.g. disused railways, canal towpaths)
  • to monitor where possible any regional or national trends which may affect equestrian access
  • to seek representation on appropriate regional and national organizations concerned with access, recreation or sport
  • to foster links with other user organizations nationally.


The NFBA covers England and Wales.


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